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Who is the M25 protest leader who stormed off GMB after heated clash?

Liam Norton, 38, glued his hand to a courtroom desk during his trial for blockading a printing press.

Racial profiling can be used at airports, Dutch court rules

Equal rights campaigners have pledged to appeal the decision.

Puberty was agonising for me a hormone blockers can save trans kidsa lives

Thankfully this appeal puts the decision making back in the hands of those who matter a which are young people and their families, in consultation with health professionals.

Nearly APS300,000 in WKD Blue stolen from factory and driven off in three tractors

As many as 100,000 bottles may have been snatched.

Black shop worker told his hair looked like he aput finger in electric socketa

aIt caused such a mental strain on me. I would finish work mentally exhausted from having to put up with it.a

Nearly 2,500 rare rhino horns burnt in India to send warning to poachers

Many of the horns had been seized from gangs over the past few decades.

Man who punched girlfriend calls judge af***ing slaga as heas jailed for abuse

He was jailed for 30 months after throwing a speaker at his girlfriend's head and leaving her with a 3cm wound.

Two energy firms collapse in one day as gas and leccy prices rocket

Around 1,500,000 UK customers are thought to be affected by a series of small firms going under.

Yo Sushi worker refuses to let guide dog in until owner demands to speak to boss

Lucy was left feeling 'distraught' and 'unequal' at her treatment.

Ohio high school locked down after 100-person fight with stabbing and shooting rumors

Initial reports on a brawl at Westland High School indicated that several people were stabbed and at least one person was hospitalized

These awinged microchipsa are the smallest ever man-made flying machines

The size of a grain of sand, they could be used to monitor air pollution.

Panicked staff chase after giant moon on street as it escapes from festival

Hold on a moon-ute, come back!

Joe Biden announces 500million Covid vaccine donation abroad and EU-US partnership

The virtual Covid summit comes a day after Biden delivered his first speech before the United Nations General Assembly

Tenant paid no rent for 18 months and left human poo and dead hamsters

The landlords say they couldnat see the carpet through the mound of rubbish, mouldy food, dirty clothes and human poo mixed with childrenas toys.

Police get sassy over complaints about helicopter noise while chasing suspects

'You may have noticed that our anoisya helicopter was up tonight.'

Boris tells France to aget a gripa after submarine snub called astab in backa

France has accused the US, the UK and Australia of acting like Donald Trump.

Families facing aheartbreakinga winter as energy crisis hits Britainas poorest

Charity workers on the ground are braced for a 'perfect storm' with fuel bills due to rocket next month.

Cyclists will benefit most from Appleas new watchOS 8 update

The Apple Watch's new features make it an even better cycling companion.

How the Yorkshire Ripper lived the alife of Rileya in final years before he died

Peter Sutcliffe 'robbed the government of millions' as he lived out his final years behind bars, the son of one victim said.

Vigil planned for primary school teacher who was amurdered and dumped in parka

The Reclaim These Streets event is plannedA for 7pm on Friday at Pegler Square, in Lewisham, near where police found the body of Sabina Nessa.

Yorkshire Ripper refused to shield months before dying of Covid

He was at high risk due to heart disease and diabetes.

aHigh riska rapist with gun tattoo goes on the run after being released too soon

He has a number of distinctive tattoos, including a cross symbol with the word 'Grandma' on his left arm.

Citroenas tiny, 28mph electric car will be sold in the UK for APS6,000

The award-winning Ami is already turning heads in France.

Huge boa constrictor found bleeding in adumping spot for snakesa near quiet village

'Is it just me or is this freaking anybody else out? I donat want live 6ft snakes slithering around the village.'

Boy, 16, took own life after being aegged ona by mates who said it was a joke

He'd been discussing suicide at length on social media before his death.

Itas time to scrap HS2 before it causes any more damage

Itas time to stop annihilating nature in the name of short-term financial gain for big construction companies.

aTragedya of missing Black people has hidden legacy going back a decade

Rising numbers of Black people being reported missing to police forces may only be the 'tip of the iceberg'.

Family of amurdereda Gabby Petito say boyfriend is in hiding

They say they want the world to know he is not missing.

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